COVID Protocols

*Updated on JULY 23rd


  • Dancers, Parents and Teachers 10yrs of Age or Older must wear a mask in and out of the building as well as in class.

  • PAD encourages all LEVELED Classes to wear a mask until restrictions are lowered.

  • Water/ breathing breaks will be given during class.

  • PAD understands and respects that there are dangers of both wearing and not wearing a mask during physical activity. We will take all precautions and give dancers the opportunity to remove their masks at a safe distance from one another.

  • Temps will be taken each day prior to entering the dance room.

  • If your dancer or any member of your household have been tested for COVID-19 and have not yet received results, please refrain from attending in studio classes. All classes are available via zoom.

  • Lobbies are closed to all parents at this time. Staff will be on the premises to answer any questions you may have.

  • All dancers will be escorted out of the building prior to the next class entering.

  • The Dance areas have logos on the floor where dancers will participate in class. These logos have been placed 6 feet apart.

  • We will have sanitizing areas set up in both lobbies and classrooms.

  • All surfaces are sanitized in between all classes.

  • Each dancer needs to bring a labeled bottle of water with them each day. Our water fountain is closed at this time.