Tuition Information & Fees




Hours Per Week          Monthly Tuition 

          0.75                              $65
           1                                  $68
        1.25                                $78
          1.5                                $88
        1.75                                $100.50
           2                                  $113
        2.25                                $120.50
          2.5                                $128
        2.75                                $140.50
           3                                  $153
        3.25                                $160.50
          3.5                                $168
        3.75                                $178
           4                                  $188
        4.25                                $193
          4.5                                $198

         4.75                               $208
           5                                  $228
        5.25                                $233
         5.5                                 $238

         5.75                               $240
          6                                   $243

         6.25                               $248

          6.5                                $253

         6.75                               $255

           7+                                $265




Family Discounts:

10% off monthly tuition for each additional child. NOT AVAILABLE for Summer Camps or VDC/ PADLock Tuition.


Annual Registration Fees for Fall & Spring Semesters: 

$30 per child

$15 each additional child

$15 for adult classes

** Registration fees are non-refundable/non-transferable.



Tuition Payment Options

Tuition is billed on a monthly basis. Monthly tuition is never pro-rated but determined from an average of entire classes from September - May (33 weeks of classes). Tuition is due on the 1st of each month. If a payment is received after the 10th of each month, a $10.00 late fee is added to the student’s account.

There is a returned check fee of $35. Payment for returned items must be taken care of in a timely manor. Pivotal Academy of Dance accepts cash, check and/or credit card.

Pivotal Academy of Dance follows the major holiday schedule of HCISD. Pivotal Academy of Dance does not issue refunds for holidays. When a student is sick or misses class due to another schedule conflict, he/she can make up that class on another day in a class closest to his/her level.


Tuition Schedule

Pivotal Academy of Dance school-year begins September 7th and runs thru May 28th.

Tuition is based on 33 weeks of instruction. This does not include major holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break, etc.)


Pivotal Academy of Dance summer program begins in June with Summer Camps/ Intensives, Punch Card Classes (for ages 7 - adult) and includes a three week Summer Class session beginning in July for dancers 3-8 yrs.  PAD requires a $50 deposit per camp/ class for each student upon registration. This deposit will be applied to the total amount due.

PAD and The Learning Nest Tuition: (September 7th - May 13th)

Mother’s Day Out program with both dance and educational curriculum for Ages 3 to 5 years old! (See class description)

We have two, three and four day options available. You may choose your preferred days. (EX: Tues & Wed $275.00 per month or Tues, Wed & Thurs $412.50 per month)


Registration and Supply Fee per student: $50 (Non- Refundable)

Monday Classes: $117.00 per month

Tuesday Classes: $137.50 per month

Wednesday Classes: $137.50 per month

Thursday Classes: $137.50 per month

Recital and Costume Fees for Annual Spring Recital ONLY

All Recital & Costume Fees will be billed to your account in November, fees are due no later than January 5th.


Recital Fees: 

$60 per dancer (Includes recital t-shirt & professional digital download of Spring Recital)

$40 per sibling (Includes recital t-shirt) 


Costume Fees:

$65 per class (Includes tights)